GARDEN STUDIO – a boutique, Australia-wide garden company celebrating nearly 30 years designing, making and caring for gardens.

We have to ask you, dear reader, what you expect from a garden designer? Are you looking for a functional garden, contemporary or an avant-garde garden? Or more obtusely, a garden in which you can explore the rich narrative and texture of your life and that of your family? Garden Studio specialize in relevant, imaginative and interesting gardens! On this blogsite you will find references to a broad spectrum of garden design sources including amongst others; sustainability, art, imagination, mathematics, literature, music, ergonomics, play, mystery and Morocco! ‘Psychotopia’¹ is one way to describe such a garden whereby the use of tangential design ideas can achieve a unique artistic quality. This is the garden that we can provide for you – a garden from which you can derive meaning, pleasure and satisfaction, and in which the complexity of being alive is celebrated!

Elegant, imaginative, satisfying.

These gardens will meet your practical needs whilst inviting you to enjoy subtle affections for the environment, mystery for your children and satisfaction for some of your emotional and intellectual longings.

To help you get started with garden ideas you may find the Theme Park page on this site useful as an introduction to making something appropriate to the 21st century. Certainly, if you “love a sunburnt country”, click on a recent post, An Australian Garden? for deliberations on gardening in the 21st century here in the antipodes. Or, if you love the elegance of order click on our most recent post, Life is Messy – a  casual conversation piece pertinent to gardens.

Finally, make an appointment with us today. It’s a painless and no obligation process – we can meet over coffee or preferably lunch or at your office or home to discuss ideas, needs and desires for your garden. And, we come to you, anywhere in Australia – no matter where you are

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”. Marcus Cicero

¹The British garden critic, Tim Richardson, coins this term to describe the connection between context and our 21stC cognisance in relation to garden design and placemaking.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I didn’t know there was anyone out there doing this stuff! I strongly believe in the power of a truly personal garden. I am doing casual garden maintenance currently and I always try to do something a little different. Is there any way I can get involved?

  2. It is personal, the idea being to make a garden which becomes a vehicle of transcendence, somewhat like a function of music, where the garden provides images and story as a veil to underlying, intimate reality.

  3. I would recommend this landscaper to anyone seeking a quality garden which is a little different, at reasonable cost and prepared to a high standard.

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