Can you make a garden without irrigation? 

You can plant drought tolerant species from mid-autumn and through winter. One just needs to make a shift in aesthetic need and reconsider the vision of space. 

Do you install synthetic grass? 

Not as a lawn substitute

Is my soil OK? 

Most city soils benefit from the addition of organic compost and in Adelaide, unless coastal, the addition of coarse sand. Plant choices are sometimes very important with various soil types.

I want a low maintenance garden! 

Garden Studio can provide a quarterly or twice yearly maintenance service.  Wherever we are, the second law of thermodynamics applies, therefore unless a departure from a standard aesthetic is acceptable most gardens require some maintenance.

How can you make my garden sustainable? 

Taking the garden as a component of a sustainable approach to living then the means of achieving this are quite practical; storing and diffusing water runoff on site, using drought tolerant species, using trees to provide summer shade and allowing winter sun to the rooms of the house, using recycled materials, offering points of rest and food for wildlife, maximising greenlife, providing play zones and room for imaginative play for children, considering planting vegetable and fruit and nut plants, including the provision of a small number of chickens, developing a personal sense of aesthetics based on your family’s life narrative and aspirations, utilizing organic gardening practices (mulching, worm farms, compost systems, eco-friendly herbicides and insecticides) and taking an inclusive approach to neighbour relationships. Also, one may have the space to develop thermal corridors for natural cooling.

Permaculture is another sensible way to achieve sustainability in a garden.

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