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Garden Studio

‘Gardens that satisfy both the imagination and the understanding’

There is a crossover in many of these 10 theme gardens. For example, all our gardens at Garden Studio are climate-strong, they all assume a relevance to their surroundings, customer needs and ergonomics. Also, most of them require a period of research and are interactive. If the garden you want does not fit any of the following categories our work can accommodate most client requests.

1. Garden as Sustainable Machine

Gardens which use products and techniques which are environmentally responsible addressing issues such as energy conservation, water harvesting, recycling, elementary physics and details which are nominated in FAQ on this blogsite. We are mindful of establishing a tangible connection between you and the solar and lunar cycles. And, there is no need to jettison the poetic when planning a sustainable garden!

2. Marrakech Express

If you live in Adelaide or Perth for instance, you have approximately the same degree of latitude from the equator as Tangier or Casablanca in Morocco. It makes sense to learn from centuries of climate adaptation by the North African civilizations. Think; Agatha Christie, Scheherazade, Delacroix. Yes it’s exotic but also tangible.

3. Concept Gardens

Really an imaginative response to you and the site – storytelling, the poetic, the operatic! Your neighbours (and local government) will, like most innovations, love it once they get used to it.

4. Garden as Biography

Here we address issues in a theatrical format which respond to your life narrative – passions, childhood, cultural background, sufferings, travel experiences. An antidote for a troubling past or a vehicle for optimism!

5. Little Black Gardens

Elegant simplicity and proportion, attention to detail, colour contrast, textured voices, fragrance and possibly some curves! A visceral, sanguine garden ideal for courtyards or a garden within a garden.

6. Garden as Mathematics

Using the mathematical framework established by Leonardo of Pisa (Fibonacci) we attempt to create a formal garden with you as the experiential component of its anatomy. Also, we explore elements from modern Chaos Theory with its subtle nuances to create an exquisite, elaborate, elegant order. Both these gardens are especially useful for 2 story homes on larger properties. The challenge is to achieve the order, formality and power of traditional formal gardens but with a dynamic that addresses our 21C cognisance and complexities.

7. Garden as Art

The most challenging and potentially satisfying garden where we address intuitive meaning to speak to the sub-conscious and awaken the invisible. What is life without mystery? The objective is to create a work which has intrinsic artistic value while maintaining it’s functional stature. Here is your opportunity to make a garden with emotional and cerebral depth.

8. Antipodean Topography

Using native and/or endemic plants with references to our topography and time/ space realization. We believe that our country, our ancient land, has a voice. Is it possible to hear that voice in your own back garden? Further, if one excludes the spiritual dimension from indigenous motifs (as in our practice), how might a garden reflect this ancient association with the land, the sky, the sea?

9. Good Bones Gardens

Our lower cost garden which sets up infrastructure for future implementation or pared back for simplicity and function. Say no more!

10. Home Made Gardens

Simple gardens including the use of hedging, perennials, shade trees, roses, geraniums, fish ponds, fruit trees, vegetable patch and stonework – images of which you may remember from your childhood! Sometimes our lives give us more than we can handle. These Home Made Gardens provide a place of constancy, a realm which is self-effacing, inviting, homely and productive.

June 19th, 2012

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